4 Solid ways to protect your money against depreciation and Inflation

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If you find your investments in Ghana or you line in Ghana, you must be concerned with the rate at which the Ghanaian Cedi is depreciating against major trading currencies like the U.S Dollar, CFA, Euro among others.

The value of your investments or income could be wiped out if they are in Ghana cedis due to depreciation and Inflation.

In this article, we bring you four (4) Solid ways to protect your money against depreciation and Inflation

1. Diversify Your Investments; As a smart and wise investor, you must not keep all you Investments and income in one portfolio. You need to diversify your money in order to minimize the loss in case of any financial breakdown.


2. Utilize Foreign Exchange Funds; To protect your investment and income from the woes of depreciation and Inflation of the Ghana Cedis, you can keep your cash in foreign currencies such as U.S Dollar, CFA, Euro among others.

3. Buy Gold Bullion; Gold they say is valuable until Thy Kingdom Come and therefore one way of protecting your income against inflation or depreciation is to invest in the Gold market.

4. Invest in Real Estate; To protect you income and investments, you can also invest in real estate as such assets do not depreciate, but appreciates with time.


This article is provided as information only and should not be taken as financial advice. Please seek independent professional advice before investing.All investments contain risk including the possibility of loss of capital.

SOURCE: Keeokocom

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