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Bobbi Anne Mcleod Cause Of Death

Bobbi Anne Mcleod Cause Of Death; Bobbi Anne Mcleod was an Eighteen (18) years old lady who’s body was found lifeless in November last year in woodland in Bovisand, Devon

After the body of the Bobbi Anne was discovered, a famous musician was arrested as a suspected murderer and remanded into prison custody for further investigations.

Following the arrested and remand of the musician only known as Cody, the musician openly pleaded guilty to taking the life of the young and innocent Bobbi Anne Mcleod.

It is currently unclear the reasons behind the action of the musician to take the life of the 18years old lady, Bobbi Anne Mcleod..

Since the musician has pleaded guilty of murdering the young lady, he is expected to be sentenced on May 19th when a judge will hand him a life sentence.

The sentence to be given out to musician Cody is imprisonment for a lifetime and the only issue the judge have to decide will be the minimum term he will serve.

It was a sad incident as Bobbi-Anne’s mother, father, and brother and other families were seated in the public gallery in the count room as the musician accepted taking the life of their beloved sister.

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