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Purpose of the Study

The researcher’s main aim of undertaking this project is to investigate into the causes of reading difficulties, its repercussion and to suggest appropriate methods for teaching this aspect of English language in order to make it less difficult for pupils.

The following are the purposes for which this study is undertaken.
a. To trace the causes and effects of reading difficulties in Apeyime R.C Primary Six (6).

  1. To use some interventional techniques to improve their reading abilities.
  2. To suggest solutions to minimize the occurrence of the reading difficulties among Apeyime Primary Six (6) pupils.

Research Questions


In a search of the above purposes of the study, the following research questions have been posed to guide the researcher to undertake a successful research work. They are stated below,

  1. What are the causes of reading difficulties among Apeyime R.C Primary Six (6) pupils?
  2. What are the effects of reading difficulties among Apeyime R.C Primary Six (6) pupils?
  • What are some of the interventional techniques that can be used to improve the reading abilities of Apeyime R.C Primary Six (6) pupils?
  1. How will the suggested solution help minimize the occurrence of reading difficulties among Apeyime R.C Primary Six (6) pupils?


Significance of the Study

This study is expected to increase the awareness in teachers the necessity to follow the right approach in teaching reading aloud. The inability of the teachers to adhere to the right approach is affecting the pupils’ performance in reading and education in general.

The study will also help teachers to know the kind of texts that will be easy for pupils to read. Ghana Education Service (GES) will also be beneficiaries in that; they will now design textbooks that are predictive enough in order to help pupils read.


Curriculum designers will also realize the negative effect the inadequacy of teaching and learning materials in the rural areas has on the pupils and come to their rescue.

It will also be beneficial to the parents to realize the need to be serious with their wards need reading and any other learning materials. The need to consistency be abreast with their wards performances in school.

Finally, the pupils will now acquire the reading skills since the appropriate approach will be adopted to teach them reading aloud. Enough textbooks with adequate TLMs will make it easy for their learning. They will now know why they should learn in the house. This will help them acquire good learning habits.



“The road to success in full of traffics” so goes the adage. In the cause of this study, there were a lot of difficulties that the researcher encountered.

Highest among them was financial constraints. The researcher wished to scope a lot of areas in order to make this study a very detailed one. But due to the financial constraints, the researcher was limited to her school of attachment. Traveling to the college for very thorough supervision was also hampered due to this financial constraint.

Pupils in one way or the other also desired this research process. During the intervention, pupils felt unwilling to speak English for the fear of making mistakes and being laughed at. This led to pupils dodging the writer.

The worse of all was the absentees. Pupils often absented themselves from schools. This hinders the research work to a greater extent.


Last but not least, is the attitude of parents? Parents were not able to respond to questionnaire in time. This also delayed the project

University of Cape Coast Institute of Education

The causes and the effects of reading difficulties among Apeyime R.C Primary School basic six (6) and their suggested solutions by Gafleku Salvation Esinu.

A project work presented to the university of cape coast, institute of education in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of a diploma in basic education certificate Of Akatsi college of education on June, 2018.


I hereby declare that this project work is the result of my own original research and that no part of it has been presented for another degree in this University or elsewhere.

SIGNATURE: ……………………………………..
DATE: …………………………………………..

I hereby declare that the preparation of this project was supervised in accordance with the guidelines on supervision of project work laid down by the Institute of Education, University of Cape Coast.

SIGNATURE: ……………………………
DATE: …………………………………


During the researchers teaching practice at Apeyime R.C Primary, she identified that Primary Six (6) pupils could not pronounce words correctly. As such, the researcher decided to carry out an investigation into the causes of the problem.

During the researcher’s observation, she got a clue as to where the problem might be coming from. From that, the researcher assembled the class teacher, the pupils and their parents as respondents to assist her ascertain the facts leading to the causes.

The researcher further served the respondents with the various research instruments such as interview and questionnaire. She also observed the class teacher’s lesson and the pupils. She also conducted both pre – test and post – test for the pupils.

After the research instruments administration, the researcher realized that the pupil’s inability to read and pronounce words correctly might be coming from the teacher’s inability to follow the appropriate approach to the teaching of reading lessons.


The researcher also found out that the causes of the pupil’s predicament could be blamed on their parents.

From all this findings, the researcher mounted very serious interventional activities to help rectify the problem. The first step the researcher took was to organize a demonstrated lesson for the pupils.

The researcher further went to parents home and educated them on the need to face their ward’s education seriously.
Low and behold, the pupil’s attitude towards reading lessons changed for the better.

The researcher will conclude that if reading aloud lessons are followed appropriately and TLMs are used, pupils will be able to make headway in reading.


First and foremost, I would like to thank God Almighty for granting me wisdom, strength, understanding and the insight to accomplish this task.


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