Ranks in Ghana Education Service
Ghana Education Service
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Ranks in Ghana Education Service

The Ghana Education Service is the government institution responsible for overseeing pre-tertiary education in Ghana. The Service of one of the largest public sector employer in the country.

The ranks in the Ghana Education Service are numerous from the Director General which is the highest rank in the service to the lowest which is Pupil Teacher.

1. Director General – Based on political appointment

2. Deputy Director General

There are two deputies

a. One in charge of Access & Quality

b. The other is in charge of Management Services

3. Director I – Long service. They are the divisional/regional directors.

4. Director II – also long service – They are the District Directors.

5. Deputy Director – long service – They are usually appointed as assistant District Directors.

6. Assistant Director I – long service – Can be appointed as Circiut supervisor or heads of Senior High Schools.


7. Assistant Director II – Long service, and promotion upon acquisition of masters degree or PhD. Can be appointed as a head of basic school.

8. Principal Superintendent – long service, and entry point for first degree holders. Minimum requirement for appointment as a teacher in the Senior High school. Now the new Minimum for appointment as a basic school teacher.

9. Senior Superintendent I – long service – Four years of serving on the rank of Snr Supt II.

10. Senior Superintendent II – Entry point for Diploma certificate holders. Used to be the requirement for appointment as basic school teacher.

11. Superintendent I – long service, Four years of serving on Supt II.

12. Superintendent II – Entry rank for (Cert A) holders.

13. Pupil Teacher- The rank of those employed into the service with SSCE, WASSCE AND GCE.

Credit: Hon Jerry Akporhor – Founder & Lead Educator of Informed Teachers Network

SOURCE : Keeoko.Com

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